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Multi-family Zoning Changes

The Mayor is expected to submit his final Multifamily Zone Update to City Council Committee by the end of June. It will likely be a major topic of community discussion and debate for the near future.

Multi-family recommendations from the Congress of Residential Architects (CORA).


The Goodwill Project

Goodwill Industries International, located immediately west of the Jackson Place neighborhood, had been working with local developer TRF to redevelop their property into a massive new mall, but that project has now been cancelled by the developer. There is more information in this article from the Seattle Times.


Casa Latina

Casa Latina has moved to its new location in Jackson Place. Here is a recent email from director Hilary Stern.


Livable South Downtown

The City of Seattle is working on a comprehensive plan for the South Downtown area, an area that includes part of the Jackson Place neighborhood. There was a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) done, and representatives from JPCC have submitted comments. The most recent letter is here.